Soma Offers You A Surf Experience Like None Other 

We offer a flexibility of service and a level of comfort to satisfy surfers from beginner to pro. You can arrive and depart on the days you choose and the ability to choose the amount of days you wish to stay with us. No worries about trying to cram your schedule into ours.  Daily surf sessions and surf tours are flexible. You eat when you would like, choose your food options from a wide variety of incredibly delicious entrees, and stay in deluxe accommodations with top notch service. You have the luxury to bring your non-surfing travel companions, spouse, family or friends who might want to enjoy other activities in addition to surfing.  Our professional guides will get you on the waves you want. Surf as long as you like at a variety of different breaks and score maximum wave time on epic waves!  Check out our surf packages and book the one that is right for you.

                                            Check Out Our Surf Packages and Pick the One That Is Right For You

Our 5 Night Packages start at $104 per person per night based on double and triple occupancy.  Hit the book now button for all pricing and inclusion details. Surf Packages

Top Rated Surf Lessons  at Soma Surf Resort

Not ready for a full surf package?  Try a Soma surf lesson and you will be standing on your first day. Class ratio is never more than 4 students per instructor so you get individual attention for maximum wave time.  Discussions will include water safety, the history of surfing, ocean and wave dynamics, wave selection, and more. Dry land practice will also be included once we arrive at the beach. We will then go surfing to an appropriate spot for swell size, tide, winds and skill level. The above will be handled by our experienced surf instructors, who will be in the water with you making individual observations and suggestions for each surfer. 

Half Day Surf Lesson /1 session : $75.00 (board rentals & transport included. Surf as long as you like.)

All Day Surf Lesson:  $95.00 (board rentals & transport included. Two to three sessions.)