So What Does A Retreat Look Like at Soma?

Here's why Soma in Nicaragua belongs on your list as a new spot to bring your tribe, your followers, or your group to spread your message in a way you never have before. Take a peek at the video below. Your gonna love it!   Contact us for details.

Although Nicaragua is well known for amazing surf it still remains delightfully undiscovered. It’s beginning to brim with retreats of all kinds from wellness, surfing and yoga, women empowerment, culinary, spiritual healing, and kick back leadership weeks which is way on the other end of the spectrum. The whole country is so zen, it feels like it’s “swinging in a hammock.” This uniqueness gives all who come a new way to inspire, let go, change or just find a sense of contentment.  

We give surfing the credit for the creation, and growth of Soma but after several years it has morphed into a meeting place where peope come together, combining travel with the pursuit of a balanced and healthy lifestyle. We introduce people to a new location that they might not otherwise visit on their own and provide a well-rounded approach to retreats blending together fitness, wellness, nutrition, culture, adventure and a space to just reset, relax and be you.

Here is where you are provided a safe space to try a new adventure while taking care of your body, mind, and spirit. You leave feeling empowered and take away lasting friendships and a new perspective on life. It is a place where you meet yourself for the very first time in a long while and discover more about you than you ever thought possible.  

When you consider everything from the surf, to the food, to the people, the insane nature, the raw beauty and the resort itself; this place is truly epic!   Come and immerse yourself in the Soma vibe where you and your tribe will walk away with a once in a life time experience. Wanna host your tribe? Contact Us .