Join us for an amazing journey.

Nicaragua has an amazing power to lead you on an incredible journey. Though peaceful as a low slung hammock on the surface, the deeper you go, it is as intriguing as the campesino (farmer) on horseback with his machete.

The people - creative proud and hospital

The Nicaraguense by nature are a creative, proud people influenced by the many cultures and countries that have taken part in their history. They are open, talkative, and extremely hospitable. They place a great deal of importance on family which is the strongest support structure in their society. Clothing, neatness and cleanliness also is of great importance to the average Nicaraguense. Their concept of time is a bit different. Their belief is "There is more time than life. So why hurry?" We at Soma believe never a more "truism" has been uttered. Spanish is the official language of Nicaragua and we encourage our staff to practice their English with our guests and many of our guests love to practice their Spanish with our staff.

Nicarauga's true gift - The simple pleasures

As you quickly will discover, Nicaragua is a very poor country, the second poorest in all of Latin America. Their economy is based almost entirely on agriculture, although in recent years tourism has gained in importance. Nicaragua is considered one of the safest countries with one of the lowest crime rates in all of Latin America.

It goes without saying that Nicaragua is blessed with beautiful geography; pristine beaches, tropical dry and wet rainforests, unparalleled vistas of volcanoes, rolling farmlands, and lakes. However, the true beauty of this country lies in its people and their vitality and zest for enjoying the simple pleasures of life amidst their day to day struggles for survival. This is something we in the developed nations seem to have forgotten along the way. It is one of the true gifts of Nicaragua.