We understand that tourists today are more interactive with their vacation choices than ever. Destinations that have a greater respect for the culture and ecology of local communities, as well as those that benefit the local people are in greater demand. Soma Surf Resort was was created with as little negative impact on the environment as possible while forging a connection to the Nicaraguan people and land.

Your stay at Soma will not only nourish you, but also directly benefits the nearby local communities.


Soma's role in active sustainability

Soma is committed to this all important area while meeting the expectations of our guests.

  • We support the non profit for the preservation of the Olive Ridley turtles through "One Less Bag One More Turtle"
  • Soma maintained architectural integrity with the surrounding area using low impact style and utilized sustainable construction methods and materials wherever possible
  • no live trees were cut down for construction
  • minimal amount of land was used for the hotel leaving a small footprint thus greatly reducing the impact on the terrain
  • intentionally built on a small scale so as not to add any additional stress to the fragile infrastructure in this area.
  • no caged animals or clipped birds are on the grounds
  • hired only local people from the community with an emphasis on education & training
  • implementation of a plastic recycle program
  • planting of only indigenous flora
  • used only indigenous materials in the construction process
  • used all local workers during construction
  • in-Room towel and linen reminders of eco-washing *Save the Planet*
  • in-Room friendly reminders on eco-friendly air conditioner usage when not in the room *Save the Planet*
  • Soma buys in bulk to reduce waste in packaging
  • uses reusable products wherever possible
  • 98% of all furnishings constructed by local artisans
  • guests are continually educated concerning the local culture through community tours