After traveling throughout Central America for many years we yearned for an experience that offered a balance of great surf, outdoor adventure, and the ability to reconnect with simplicity while offering the comforts of a premium hotel.

Although Nicaragua is well known for amazing surf it still remains delightfully undiscovered. We give surfing all the credit for the creation, and growth of Soma but after hosting hundreds of people for several years it has morphed into a meeting place where people come together, combining surfing, travel and the pursuit of a balanced and healthy lifestyle. You are introduced to a new location that you might not otherwise have visited on your own and experience a well-rounded approach to surfing, blending together fitness, wellness, nutrition, culture, adventure and a space to just reset, relax and be you.

Soma provides a safe space to try a new adventure while taking care of your body, mind, and spirit. You leave feeling empowered and take away lasting friendships and a new perspective on life. It is a place where you meet yourself for the very first time in a long while and discover more about you than you ever thought possible.

When you consider everything from the surf, to the food, to the people, the insane nature, the raw beauty and the resort itself; this place is truly epic! 

There is so much to see in Nicaragua. Come and enjoy not only great surf but many other activities that connect you to the people, the community, and to a new you. We look forward to hosting you, your family, and your friends at Soma Surf Resort.

Casey & Bill Morton