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Standing On Your First Day

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Everybody wants to learn to surf. It's fun! It's something to experience at least once.

Soma offers surf lessons for all ages and skill levels. We were the first in Nicaragua to offer beginner surf lessons and surf instruction for those surfers looking to get to that next level. "No surfing experience? Relax." We stand apart in a unique teaching approach for beginners to get you standing and having fun on your first lesson. For the intermediate surfers you will be able to work on improving your current performance to get to that next level.

Our local instructors are top notch with international and local experience and vast knowledge of the ocean, and wave dynamics. They have years surfing these local breaks and posses extensive understanding of the wind, tide, water & wave conditions and how they can positively affect your surf session!

Surf Lessons

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Class ratio is never more than 4 students per instructor.

Discussions will include water safety, the history of surfing, ocean and wave dynamics, wave selection, and more.

Dry land practice will also be included once we arrive at the beach.

We will then go surfing to an appropriate spot for swell size, tide, winds and skill level. 

Upon returning to Soma we will again informally meet and review the days surf session. Students will be given take-aways (positive feedback) and also suggestions to further improve their performance based on their session. 

The above will be handled by our master surf Instructors, who will be in the water with you making individual observations for each surfer. 

Half Day Surf Lesson:                    

$80.00 (board rentals included)

All Day Surf Lesson 2 Sessions:  

$100.00 (board rentals included)

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