Soma Surf Resort - Tola, Rivas, 00000, Nicaragua

So What Does A Retreat Look Like at Soma?

 Take a peek at the video below. Your gonna love it!  Then check out our upcoming 2017- 2018 retreats.  Book it now to hold your spot as spaces are limited. See you all soon!

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       7 Nights Mind Body Spirit Time Out

Affirmative health with acupuncture, diet revitalization and joy. All participants of this retreat will have the opportunity to work intimately with Kara to address health choices they wish to make, affirm or correct. You will be able to look at your current pursuits to begin your journey to a healthy and happy lifestyle. This week of acupuncture, Chinese medicene, alignment, and breath oriented yoga will be coupled with rejuvenating and immune boosting treatments. This week will go above and beyond walking away with the  usual post vacation glow.

July 28th-August 4th with Kara  Szumski

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Five Night Can't Surf? No Worries Learn To Surf Retreat

Everybody wants to learn to surf. It's fun! It's something to experience at least once.  It all starts with surfing. However. Soma offers the flexibility to enjoy an array of varied activities or experience a different part of Nicaragua. We have a wide selection of activities to choose from including, yoga, horseback riding on the beach, zip lining  and more.

November 5th-11th 2017

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Four Night Souldown Yoga & Meditation Retreat

Come and immerse yourself in yoga and meditation with Isaly Marie.  Isaly a certified health and wellness coach and yoga instructor will provide  guided meditation and yoga classes that will leave you, as her clients say, "vibrating, floating, and walking on clouds."

March 24th-28th 2018

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Six Night Mother Daughter Yoga Retreat

This mother-daughter yoga retreat is a perfect time to be with your daughter or mom and appreciate them as they are at this moment in time.  The week itself will be a blend of all things that feel good, nuturing, and inspiring both on the mat and off.  Throughout the week you will have the chance to practice individual yoga poses, meditation and relaxation, next to your daughter or mother, play with them in fun partner yoga poses and share new experiences together whether it be by the ocean, volcano and or in breathtaking coffee country.

Jan. 27th - Feb. 2  2018

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Five Night Healing Through Food   Wellness Retreat

Are you ready to get Radiant or what? We all find a million excuses; I'm too busy … healthy food is too expensive ... I can't change my bad habits … my family won't support me … I don't know how to get started …and on and on and on. Well Megan Ulrich, MSHN, nutritionist therapist, holistic dietary consultant, and mom will guide you through on how to eat a sustainable diet that supports robust health, balanced weight a strong immune system and gives you that radiant glow both inside and out.  A retreat not to be missed!

Jan. 7th - Jan. 12th 2018

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