Soma Surf Resort - Tola, Rivas, 00000, Nicaragua

Guided tours

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Local Community Tour - Connect with the People

Central to the Soma experience is the connection to the people and the culture of Nicaragua.  Soma is located in the heart of Las Salinas which is one of the few designated indigenous communities in this province. We can arrange a local tour in El Ajal a neighboring community where you will step back into time and experience life as it was 200 years ago.  You will begin your tour riding an ox cart that will take you to the pottery stand where you will make your mold for tortillas.  From here you will see how  adobe bricks are hand made and used for all the structures in this area.  Milking a cow with the local dairy farmer is next and is so much fun to try so don't forget your camera for this one! Peek inside the local school and see how the education system works here in this tiny village.  After this you are now ready to step inside a house and begin grinding up corn, mixing up the paste and using your mold from your pottery class for your tortilla. You will cook it over an open fire and sit and enjoy the fruits of your labor with a nice cold fresco, homemade cheese, and homemade tortillas.  Que rico! You have just experienced  a truly sustainable society!  Minimum 4.

$45 per person

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Mombacho Volcano Tour - Walk Around the Crater!

Leave soma after breakfast and spend the day in the Mombacho Natural Volcano Reserve. Once our driver takes you to the base of the volcano you will jump on an open air truck to start your adventure up the volcano to where the top of the volcano sits in a cloud forest. There is a biological station where you begin your walk around the crater. A magnificent experience. Of course we dare you to do the canopy tour zip line! Seventeen platforms high above the jungle floor. Go for it!

R/T Transport Total Day $190

Crater tour entrance Fee $28

Canopy Zip Line $28

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Granada Tour – The Jewel of Nicaragua

Soma can arrange a day of exploring the oldest colonial city in the Western Hemisphere and considered one of the most beautiful in Latin America. Our guide will take you to relevant sites, colonial buildings, and give you the history that surrounds this famous city. We will top off the day with a visit to one of the famous cigar makers, where you can roll your very own cigar and of course buy a box of cigars to bring home for you and your friends!

R/T Transport Granada Total Day $190


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Masaya - The Cradle of National Folklore

Masaya is host to one of the best areas in all of Nicaragua to find authentic beautifully crafted pottery, wood furniture, clothing, musical instruments, and more. Our guide will also take you to San Juan de Oriente very near Masaya and the capital of “craftsmanship in mud”. They specialize in unique and beautifully made vases, bowels, platters, etc. all done from a very inventive mud process. A memorable and unique shopping trip.

R/T Transport Total Day $190


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