Soma Surf Resort - Tola, Rivas, 00000, Nicaragua

Soma Surf Resort and Alice radio

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A while back, our friend Jerry called and said he was listening to the Sarah and Vinnie morning show on Radio Alice, and heard Vinnie talking about a surf trip to Nicaragua. I immediately got on the computer and started googling. I found Vinnie’s email address at the station, and wrote to him, saying we would love to host his vacation here at Soma Surf Resort.

I didn’t hear anything for a couple of weeks, and then one day an email appeared, from Vinnie and his girlfriend, inquiring about availability in April. I wrote back, we talked on the phone a few times, and they booked a stay. Vinnie was such a nice guy to talk to–He thanked me for reaching out. I was so excited…

I listen every morning on the way to work, and have heard a few references to Nicaragua, etc.
I leave tonight for Soma. The surf forecasts look excellent starting tomorrow-overhead swells, offshore winds, no rain, for the next 2 weeks…and the opportunity to meet and surf with a guy I’ve been listening to on the radio for years. I can’t wait to show them Popoyo, Astillero, Guasacate, Santana’s–maybe even the Outer Reef will be working (with me watching safely in the channel).

The surfing tribe makes the world a small place. Who would think I could be listening to the radio in San Francisco, and end up surfing with the DJ in Nicaragua? And hosting him at our Nicaragua surf resort.

Casey–we’ve come far Pilgrim, a long, long way from Buffalo, NY.


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